Roof Windows & Skylights


If you want to convert your loft to maximise your living space and bathe it light, you’ll probably be considering roof windows or skylights to complete the build. Roofstores have worked with leading manufacturers including VELUX® to create a range of solutions for pitched and flat roof projects.

You’ll have a choice of both manual and electrically operated roof window solutions, with both top-hung and centre pivot opening options available as well as sun tunnels and a wide choice of accessories so you can choose what’s right for your project.

Where can roof windows and skylights be installed?
Roof windows and skylights can be installed on both pitched and flat roofs and are designed to fill your room with light. If you’re converting a loft with a pitched roof, our range of roof windows and skylights are suitable for a wide range of roofs with a minimum pitch of 15° right up to a 90° pitch. Roofstores are constantly enriching our range of roof windows which are now available in a wide variety of operating methods and styles.

How do roof windows operate?
Manual roof windows are opened and closed by hand and are by far the most well-known window in the range. They’re brilliant if you want the impact of a roof window but are building on a budget because even though they’re more cost effective they don’t compromise on performance. Manual roof windows are best suited to environments where the window is easy to access so opening and closing won’t become a chore.

Electric roof windows are operated by using a switch to open and close them. They are perfect for those areas that are difficult to access such as small spaces or rooms with high ceilings and give you complete control of your home security because you can close all your windows at the touch of a button. The VELUX ActiveKit® is also available to purchase alongside the VELUX Integra® range to give you complete control of your environment.

What styles of roof windows and skylights are available?
There is a multitude of styles to choose from when it comes to roof windows and skylights. Here is a guide to the styles available from Roofstores:

Top Hung roof windows allow you to open out the window to its full range, flooding your room with sunlight and fresh air. Ideally suited to loft conversions, a top hung roof window allows you to savour panoramic views of the environment around you. Available in a variety of finishes as well as glazing options, a top hung window will give you unrivalled ventilation

Centre Pivot roof windows are perfect for loft conversions and can be installed in a roof pitch from 15°. They open enough to make cleaning a breeze and provide a practical option for most environments. Our range of centre pivot roof windows come in a variety of finishes with all the accessories you need for great ventilation, noise reduction and security.

Conservation roof windows are the perfect addition to a traditional or graded building. Our range of conservation windows come with the appropriate flashing to give you a sleek and sympathetic finish. We have created our range hand in hand with Velux to make sure you can complete your build to the highest specification.

Sun Tunnels are a clever way of bringing natural light into confined areas or those areas where you don’t have direct access to a roof; think dark landings, or first floor offices that are starved of a decent amount of natural light. Our range of sun tunnels has been created to bring you the most innovative sun tunnels on the market.

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